about the pilot

Ask me why I’m flying, and I can’t help but crack a huge smile – I love it! I’m addicted to it! Since I started flying in 2012, I have changed everything in my life to be able to fly as much as I possibly can. Six months into flying paragliders, I realized there was nothing else that I wanted to do, or could make me as happy as flying does. I’m happiest when I am up in the clouds alternating between peaceful, silent flights and astonishing, aerobatic moves. Flying in the early evening breeze, close to the treetops is a feeling that I believe is unrivaled. This is why I went to Nepal where I could fly in the Himalayas together with some of the world’s greatest pilots, all the while learning and improving both my cross country and aerobatic skills. Now I have been travelling between Nepal and Taiwan to fly as many hours as possible.

Flying high about the town of Puli.
Flying high above the town of Puli.